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Since 2004, Global Outdoor Concepts has created a unique weatherproofing process using existing top branded TVs such as (Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sharp, Sony, Hitachi, etc.) This custom process allows the branded TVs to be weather resistant for permanent outdoor use. Our weather-resistant outdoor TVs have been time-tested in one of the hottest and sunniest climates in the world – on the famous Las Vegas Strip.

We have developed a custom weatherization and proprietary picture enhancement procedure by using (donor) modern name brand flat screen televisions (i.e. Samsung, LG, Sharp, Hitachi, Vizio), so that they can be permanently installed outdoors and viewed in daytime direct sunlight.

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  • Venus

    Scott Sibella

    COO of MGM Resorts

    "Choosing Mirage Vision is not only great for our properties, but its the best personal choice for outdoor entertainment."

  • Venus

    Ken Catron

    Director of IT for SLS

    "We are proud to have our unique Outdoor TV Technology displayed at the SLS Hotel and Casino. The owner of the SLS was so impressed by our Mirage Vision outdoor TV’s that he bought 3 TV’s for his private residence."

  • Venus

    Mike and Rita Bushi

    Houston, Texas

    "I was impressed because of their expertise but also because they focused on what was best for us...WE LOVE OUR TV! The outdoor picture quality is great."

  • Venus

    Animal Planet

    Outdoor Events | Las Vegas

    "We needed TV monitors that would withstand the outdoor elements and most importantly be viewable in direct sunlight. The MirageVision Outdoor TVs performed flawlessly and the picture quality was awesome. "

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